Switzerland boasts several thousand lakes of any size, some of which share among twenty-one cantons - out of its twenty-six - and some with neighbouring Italy, France, Germany and Austria. Nestled between picturesque and enchanting uplands, Switzerland lakes are pools of crystal-clear waters that recreates real corners of paradise. These oases of water, along with healthy air, luxuriant nature and good infrastructure and public transport, make Switzerland rank highly for its standard of living.

On these idyllic ponds, you won’t be short of activities! When summer arrives, you can opt for swimming, boating, fishing, dragon boating, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddling, tubing, surfing and kitesurfing and rowing. For a quintessential Swiss winter break, instead, let ice-skating and cross-country skiing stir your adrenaline! You can also hike and cycle in the surroundings of these transparent and crystalline waters, discover delightful postcard villages with medieval castles and stone churches or participate to famous events, including White Turf and Snow Polo on the frozen expanse of Lake St. Moritz.


Internationally renowned for its variety of rivers, Switzerland is the perfect place for exciting water activities of any sort. Whether it's a picturesque fjord or a rushing torrent, Switzerland's numerous rivers flow undisturbed among towns and villages and they’re all equally beautiful. Whatever activity or experience you choose we guarantee an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline and spectacular backdrops!

Boats and Cruises

Explore the most prominent Swiss lakes as you admire impressive peaks, picturesque villages, pristine areas, cultivated stretches of land and vineyards. Take a sightseeing cruise on a vintage steamboat, indulge in endless panoramic views of the gorgeous Chillon Castle on a large houseboat or sail the major Swiss lakes, such as Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich, on the Boesch, a high-performance and classic mahogany boat. Step aboard the idyllic Swiss boats and cruises and enjoy your time by making the most of Swiss nature!