• Hi Daniele,
    She sent me a note and said the trip was amazing- you are the best! Thank you so much!

    Atlanta - Smartflyer - Mary Jane Kirkpatrick

  • Hi Daniele,
    I just wanted to let you know that the clients loved every aspect of the trip that you put together! Here is what they had to say in their review:

    "I recently had the pleasure of traveling to France and Switzerland, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. From the very beginning, their team responded swiftly to all my requests, demonstrating professionalism throughout the planning process. They meticulously customized my itinerary to align perfectly with my travel goals, ensuring every detail was accurate and comprehensive.

    One of the standout accommodations was the Sweitzerhof in Zermatt, which I particularly enjoyed for its exceptional service and breathtaking views. I am pleased to say that all the hotels met my high standards, contributing to a consistently comfortable and luxurious stay.

    The guides provided were another highlight of my trip. Each guide was outstanding, bringing their own unique expertise and enthusiasm to enhance my travel experience. I felt well-supported and enriched by their knowledge and passion for the destinations.

    A memorable moment from my journey was hiking up to the snow line in Zermatt with an incredibly sporty guide. The stunning waterfalls and rolling hills throughout Switzerland also left a lasting impression.

    Looking to the future, I plan to return to Zermatt. Reflecting on my trip, I can't think of anything that could have been improved. I particularly appreciated the daily recap check-ins before each day's activities!

    Overall, the quality of my trip far exceeded my expectations. They delivered an impeccable travel experience, and I am very likely to recommend their services to friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you all for everything!"

    We appreciate all of your help and your amazing attention to detail and we look forward to working with you again soon on another trip.

    Atlanta - Smartflyer - Mary Jane Kirkpatrick

  • Hi Martina,
    Thank you for following up! I just spoke with the clients and they loved their trip and enjoyed it a ton.
    They cannot wait to go back to Switzerland! They loved being there!
    Thank you!

    California - Broomstick Inc - Ayse Boykin

  • Hi Daniele and Jennifer,
    I recently had feedback from the clients, and they LOVED their trip. They said everything was perfect and they had an amazing time. Daniele, thank you so much for pulling this all together at the last minute and being available for their needs while traveling. You are the best!
    I have another family heading to Switzerland this summer, I'll send them your way once the dates are arranged!

    California - First in Service - Michelle Gross

  • Dear Daniele,
    I do not doubt that the trip will be sensational for them thanks to our great partnership. I'm so impressed with Queen of Clubs. I can't wait to continue working with you!

    California - Fora Travel - Caroline Weilert

  • Again, I cannot thank you enough. This will be the second time I've used your services and the second time I feel completely taken care of and at ease. I know this will be a memorable vacation for the clients, thank you!

    California - Fora Travel - Caroline Weilert

  • Dear Jennifer,
    I hope to have more clients for you soon. You’ve been fantastic. Thank you!

    California - Fora Travel - Caroline Weilert

  • Hi Martina,

    Here is the feedback I received:

    "Mike and I just want to thank you again for planning the best trip of our lives! 

    The places, hotels and upgrades, quality of guides and tours, transfers and even the sequence of stays were absolutely perfect and exceeded all expectations.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” 

    Thank you to you and your team for facilitating this trip, nothing is better than getting feedback like this from our clients! 

    California - Moss Luxury Travel - Alexa Moss

  • Email from the cllient:

    "Heather,  we knew this trip was going to be great, but it far exceeded our hopes!

    The itineraries, services and details—both small and large—that you recommended and planned for us were fantastic. Accommodations were A++ (except for the kids’ first room at the National in Luzern without A/C, but we understand this is fairly typical in Switzerland, and their new room was exceptional). 

    Our guides were all really fantastic, Beatrice in Como, Diego in Switzerland, Lucille in Paris and Christine in Paris.  The excursions via boat, funicular, eBike, trains, metro etc all perfect.  Same with the French Open experience.  

    Thank you so much for planning our trip!  It was really an experience and memory we will cherish."

    Thank you, 

    Connecticut, USA - Largay Travel - Heather Bahora

  • Hello,

    My clients texted and said they were having a great time in Switzerland. They wished they were staying longer! They really enjoyed their guide and tour.

    Thank you again for your expert service!

    All my best,

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Campbell Travel - Lori Key

  • Thank you everyone!

    They LOVED their trip and wrote a wonderful review, which wouldn't be possible without you!

    Georgia - Co.1028 Travel - Lori Burton

  • Hello Martina,

    Thank you so much for all of your help. It was AMAZING working with you for this trip. I just talked to the client today and she told me their trip was just simply amazing! EVERYONE collectively enjoyed it.
    She said the carriage ride was like a fairytale! They appreciate all of your hard work and are so grateful for your expertise. YOU made me look good!

    Thank you again!

    Los Angeles - High Flight Travel - Kimberly McFarland

  • Thank you so much, Naike!
    The clients absolutely loved their trip, and spoke very highly about the services from Queen of Clubs – in each location, France, Switzerland and Italy! They especially love Hotel Brunelleschi, saying it was probably the coolest hotel they had ever stayed in! I could not have pulled any of this off without your help, and I am eternally grateful!

    Los Angeles, USA - New Act Travel - Wade Benham

  • Hi Martina,
    Thank you for your email and thank you for all of your help with the clients' trip.  They emailed me yesterday that they had an amazing trip, so thank you for everything you did to make that happen!
    In terms of feedback, they loved the Kempinski in Engelberg – said it was spectacular!  She said the hot air ballooning was a major highlight and that the via ferrata would have been too had it not been rained out after 30 minutes. 

    They loved the Zurich tour and she said the chocolate making in Lucerne was another highlight. 

    All in all, it was a great report and she was super happy, so I am too!  Thank you again for all of your patience and help! 

    I look forward to working together again.

    New York - Elli Travel Group - Amy Guenzl

  • Hi Chiara!

     Big thank you to you and the team for taking such great care of them.


    New York - SmartFlyer - Chelsea Gavin

  • Thank you so much, Chiara!

    I am actually catching up with the clients this weekend but, in short, they had the most amazing time.

    Can't thank you enough and looking forward to working on many more clients together.


    New York - Smartflyer - Chelsea Gavin

  • I just wanted to send you a quick note to express my appreciation for your team!

    This project has been an extreme logistical challenge and I truly could not be pulling it off without your incredible team and support. We have a few more weeks of this, but for now I truly just wanted to say THANK YOU!
    I know it's a lot for your team and not a typical itinerary, so it means the world to have support of such a great partner like Queen of Clubs. The team has been beyond wonderful.

    Hope to catch up soon!


    New York, USA - My Leisurely - Rachel Fried

  • Hi Martina!

    We got a very nice note from the clients saying how wonderful you and the team were in Switzerland.

    Thank you for all your help!

    Until next time!


    New York, USA - SmartFlyer - Courtney Beaver

  • Hi Chiara,
    My clients had a WONDERFUL time! They said the country was amazing and the guides incredible.

    Thank you SO very much. I truly appreciate all you did!

    Okemos, Michigan, USA - Conlin Travel - Michelle Finch

  • Good afternoon Daniele, 
    The client told me they were impressed we were able to get them together so quickly. I understand from the client that she will be using my services for future travel!
    Kudos to you!
    Many thanks for your help,

    Scottsdale, AZ - Protravel Inc - Myra Orkin

  • Thank you to all of Queen of Clubs, you are all so wonderful to work with!

    West Hollywood - Fora Travel - Kara Kassuba